American Veteran Appreciation Day

2018 Event Donations Information (Please donate ASAP)
Estimated amount needed for AVAD 2018 or the event will not take place again.

Tour Boat $ 525.00
Port A Pots $ 350.00
Fire Company Donation $ 150.00 They provide the fire trucks and ambulance the entire
day to make the event possible.
Food cost's very $ 800.00
Paper products $ 200.00
Deserts $ 200.00
All drinks $ 200.00
Boat captain tee shirts $ 100.00
Miss costs $ 300.00 always forget some things.
Advertising and mailings - $ 150.00 donated by me

Estimated costs $ 2725.00
Amount donated to date $ .00
Donations needed $ 2725.00

Event costs and needed items change yearly this is an estimated 2018 budget. Last year
we received $100.00 in donations because of a large wal mart foundation grant and other
donations we had enough money left over to pay for 2017 event.

As donations are received I will update the amount needed for 2018 as of now it is
$2725.00 and the event will not be possible for 2018 with out your donations. We can't
plan the event without funds so PLEASE make your donation now for 2018.

As always any excess donations will be used for the next years AVAD event.
Thanks for your donation from all the veterans.
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