American Veteran Appreciation Day
American Veterans Appreciation Day
September of each year.

The American Veterans Appreciation Day is being held to honor all our nations veteran, "so Please
attend" and let them know what they did for our country and all of us is not forgotten.

To have an enjoyable day on the lake and honor the many veterans in VA facilities in Pennsylvania.
Many older veterans are stuck with out anything to look forward to and think everyone has
abandoned them. We hope to provide an enjoyable day on Raystown Lake to show all our
veterans they are not forgotten. Allot of veterans do not wish to share their stories but one would
be very surprised at what they did for their country to help keep our America FREE.

After having the first AVAD in 2015 I was personally told that many veterans were looking forward
to next years event please help make it possible for them.

The Raystown Lake area is one of Pennsylvania's natural scenic treasures. The lake is surrounded
by natural unpopulated mountains. Have an RV, there are numerous camping areas at the
Seven points recreation area come stay for the weekend.  

The event takes place at the Seven Points Recreation Area and their RV parks are still managed
by the US Army Corps. Some RV sites are right beside the lake and have beautiful scenic views.


The Vietnam Veterans of America greater Blair County Chapter 967 is proud to  be the sponsor of
the AVAD.

This has become a yearly event as planned and we hope everyone shows their appreciation for
our nations veterans by supporting this even any way they can, especially attending.

Like any event it can't take place without the money to make the event happen so if we receive
enough yearly event donations here is what we plan to do at each event.

Charter the tour boat to take handicapped and other veterans for a two hour lake tour.
(NOTE) The tour boat is limited to 100 adults, last year is was full so we must limit the tour boat to just
veterans and their spouse or girlfriend.

Rent three Port-A-Pots

Purchase enough picnic supplies, food and drinks to have lunch for everyone that attends the event.

Get volunteer boats to take veterans out fishing and for boat rides.

Some other supplies may need to be rented depending on what takes place at each years event.

It is our hope not only to provide a happy day on the Raystown Lake for our veterans but to maybe
grow this event into a means to generate donations to help support the many needed things for our
nations veterans. With so many wars going on for years now all veteran organizations are over
burdened and in need of money to help support our states veterans in countless ways.

We thank all the organizations that donated this year to make the event once again possible. They
are listed on the 2016 Donating Business Page, Also we wish to thank the US Army Corps of
Engineers,  Marklesburg Volunteer Fire Department and US Coast  Guard Auxiliary for helping to
assist with this event without them it could not take place.
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