American Veteran Appreciation Day
                         Donation Address
Contact and registration form.
Make your checks payable to the Vietnam Veterans
of America Chapter 967   (VVA967)
In the check note area add 2018 AVAD

Mail to the AVAD Planner:
Bruce Cavanaugh
165 Eddington Avenue
Harrisburg, PA 17111-3520
No event can take place without the funds to make it happen. I am very disappointed this year
as we only received one small cash donation. Last year the tour boat and food and drinks, coffee
and more all cost around $2,700.00.

If not for the rolled over donations from 2016 we could not hold the event 2017 this year. This is a
very special event you  all can be very proud to keep it going yearly. I am a 200% disabled veteran
myself but every year donate money to the event.

PLEASE pass the word every small donation mounts up so please donate anything you can.

So PLEASE help keep this wonderful veterans appreciation event going if we do not receive
at least $2,700.00 next years 2018 event will not happen.

This is a very special event one of a kind being held to show our appreciation to our veterans for
what they have done for us. No where else in PA is there an event like this for our veterans.

Send any donation to the address listed above.

2018 AVAD Tenative Budget
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