American Veteran Appreciation Day
September, 2016 Picture Page 1
1st Banner Beside the entrance to the Oak Picnic Shelter Area
Second banner seen on the road driving into the parking lot at the Oak Picnic and Shelter
Area. Hanging from the fire company ladder truck
The 2016 AVAD event this year was larger I would guess we had
around 170 at least attending. I am sure next years event on Sept.
9,2017 will be even larger.

Again I can not thank those that help with the event enough. The
members of the Vietnam Veterans of America Altoona Chapter 967.
The US Coast Guard Auxiliary, The Boat Volunteers, Boy Scout Troop
The Marklesburg Volunteer Fire Company and most of all those that

Once again the highlight of this years event fo me was the now 100
Year old First Sargent that attended his mind is amazingly sharp and
MAN did he and his friends enjoy the two hour tour boat ride. Most
picture were taken before the 100 people on boat the tour boat
returned so I do not have any of the huge crowd that was there this
If anyone has pictures that show more of the crowd please
contact me using this form.

apologize for food being a little skimpy however it is hard to
know how many will come to the event. I promise next year we
will have three times as much food.
A Big thank you to everyone. Semper fi
Thanks again to the US Coast Guard Auxiliary who provided boat safety, they did their usual
excellent job.
picture of the tour boat
2016 Photos Page 2
Marklesburg Fire Company the ladder truck that held the larger banner across
the entrance road