American Veteran Appreciation Day
September, 2015
First off a BIG thank you to Dave from my RV Park I stay at for putting up this banner for the event. Without him
the banner probably would not have been put up thanks Dave.

We could not have asked for a more perfect day, did you miss the AVAD sorry as all those in attendance had a
special day.

This was our first AVAD so yes we made a few mistakes but over all it was a success and will halp next years
event be even better.

I wish to first thank all the Volunteers that made the American Veterans Appreciation Day Possible without you
all it would never have took place and those veterans that attended would not have a full stomach and happy
memories when they had to depart. I know one VA Department told me the veterans could not stop talking about
the event the entire drive back on the bus.

I wish to thank the veterans that attended it was an honor to meet you and thank you all for your service and
sacrifices to our country we can never repay what you have done for us all keeping the USA FREE. No matter
what you did or where you served as we veterans all know it takes us all to make the branches of the service
work and function. "You are not forgotten"

Thank you to the different businesses that donated items they are listed on this message site and thank you to
the people and organizations that donated money. To bad no event can take place without the funds to support
it and make it happen.

I do not know what the highlight of the AVAD was for you but for me it was meeting the 99 year old First Sargent
who served in WWII.

Somehow my camera got packed and made a trip to Altoona as soon as I get it back I will post some pictures
from the event.

Bruce Cavanaugh, AVAD Event Coordinator
Well I am sorry I did not get many pictures I was very busy and just took a few right as the event was just
starting to get setup and people started to arrive I hope to do better in 2016.
STAFF from Vietnam Veterans of America Greater Blair County Chapter 967 that made this all
possible what a super job they all did for this years first event.
2015 AVAD Photos Page 2